We Validate Parking in the 222 Glenwood Parking Deck

The easiest place to park while visiting us is the 222 Glenwood Parking Deck and when you join us for dinner, you can park for free!

222 Glenwood Parking Deck

Avoid parallel parking on the street and park in the 222 Glenwood Parking Deck. With entrances on West Lane Street and Jones Street this deck is very accessible and offers 24 hour parking. The hourly rate for the deck is Monday-Sunday, 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., $1 per hour. For all other hours, it is $1.50 per hour with an $8 daily maximum. When you grab drinks or dine with us, we will validate your parking.

Free Parking

When you park in the deck, be sure to look at your parking space number and remember it. When you get to Saigon, let the host or hostess know your parking space number and they will validate your parking for you for up to three hours. It is that easy! Just make sure you look at your parking spot number and remember it to tell the host or hostess.

We look forward to having you soon and hope this makes things a little easier on you!